Company Profile

Mr. Liao Nian-ji, the Chairperson of the Huang Hsiang Construction, officially founded "Huang Ming Construction Co., Ltd." in December 1991 in response to his love of the local community and the "Home Ownership" policy of the government. At the beginning of the establishment, the paid-in capital was NT$60,000,000. With the expansion of the scale of operations, the current paid-up capital has reached NT$3,277,348,080. In April 1996, in order to establish the corporate identity, the Company officially changed its name to "Huang Hsiang Construction Co., Ltd." Since the establishment of the Company, Huang Hsiang has launched many construction projects in the Greater Taipei area. The average sales rate of completed construction projects is over 90%, which proves that the Company's regional development model and ability have been specifically affirmed, and it laid the foundation for the company's sustainability.

  • 第十一屆中華建築金石獎之規劃設計類獎
    Chinese Golden Stone Award for Architecture

History, Chronicle

  • 2016-2018

    This company has the strategy of diversification.

     In 2012, it established Polys International Development Co., Ltd. to invest and construct a world-class hotel, the Renaissance Taipei Shihlin Hotel, located in the No. 573 area of ​​the Fulin section of the Lin section of Shihlin District. This hotel was built in 2018 and started the operation in August right after it obtained the hotel license.

  • 2001-2005
    住福別墅(340 million, 60 units)
    國光350(0.17 billion, 2 units)
    皇翔快樂花園(2.63 billion, 288 units)
    Awarded the 12th China Golden Stone Award for Architecture for Planning and Design
    Awarded the 5th National Architectural Gold Award for Planning and Design
    皇翔峇里島(3.18 billion, 715 units)
    皇翔太陽城(5.82 billion, 850 units)
    皇翔凱旋門((2.8 billion, 199 units)
    皇翔四季會館(2.96 billion, 625 units)
    國光284(13.8 million, 1 units)
    Awarded the 11th China Golden Stone Award for Architecture for Planning and Design
    皇翔紫蘭園(1.23 billion, 44 units)
    皇翔維也納(1.2 billion, 110 units)
    皇翔銘園(910 million, 121 units)
    The corporate headquarter was moved to the office building on Bo'ai Road in Taipei
    Broadway(1.3 billion, 239 units)
  • 2006-2010
    皇翔臻寶(800 million, 96 units)
    皇翔帝國(4.8 billion, 392 units)
    皇翔金城閣(1.15 billion, 167 units)
    第一站NO.2(0.6 billion, 5 units)
    皇翔高更(2.06 billion, 204 units)
    皇翔文山政大(2.2 billion, 68 units)
    皇翔天母(1.6 billion, 10 units)
    小快樂(0.6 billion, 5 units)
    皇翔玉璽(3.7 billion, 84 units)
    Jade Place (9.3 billion, 531 units)
    Awarded the Best Architectural Style Merit Award in Taiwan
  • 2011-2015
    皇翔隨堂(350 million, 20 units)
    皇翔新天玓(4 billion, 12 units)
    皇翔天昴(1.17 billion, 9 units)
    皇翔御郡(1.18 billion, 9 units)
    皇翔御花園(6 billion, 206 units)
    皇翔百老匯(2.3 billion, 198 units)
    皇翔百老匯2(2.7 billion, 187 units)
    皇翔歡喜城(11 billion, 1691 units)
    皇翔紫鼎(6.5 billion, 63 units)
    皇翔歡喜城 storefronts (1.6 billion, 57 units)
    華爾街(470 million, 18 units)
    皇翔國鼎(15.5 billion, 611 units)
    皇翔歡喜城出租戶(60 million, 89 units)
  • 2016-2018
  • 2001-2005
  • 2006-2010
  • 2011-2015