• 2018.03.08
  • Smart Maker Project Awards presentation

Commercial Times [Taipei]

The "Smart Maker Project" organized by the "Innovative New Heavens - Dreamer" of Huang Hsiang Construction uses "smart innovation services" as the theme. The long process lasted more than 6 months from accepting applications, the primary selection to the final selection. After the first stage, 27 startups were selected out of a hundred applicants, and then 13 were selected by the committee members from the industry and academia. Among them, 6 were stationed in the first floor storefronts of the community, and 7 were stationed in the storefronts on the 3rd floor and above. These selected startups receive a great reward of a 3-year free rental.

The award-winning teams that range across various applications of IoT would use smart services to provide new living fuctions and services to Tucheng in the fields of medical care, education, catering, cultural creation and sports. There are many cross-domain attempts from these award-winning teams. For example, combining exercise with elderly care medicine to create a more effective medical care model. There are also emerging technologies such as AR/VR, which will take tourism, cultural and creative industries to new heights, and deepen local tourism through the advantages of gamification. There are also projects about bio-technical wastewater purification and using smart systems to make sharing bicycles more efficient and convenient.

The award also invited Heng-hao Hsu, President of Regus Group, the world's largest service-type office, to analyze the trend of the international new eco-chain. As an important promoter of the introduction of the shared office brand “SPACES” under the Regus Group, Heng-hao Hsu inspired the award-winning teams to introduce resources into the business space and storefronts in the future with the experience of “SPACES” shared space development and community interaction model. At the same time, more sparks of thinkings were stimulated through the interaction between the community and the teams.

Huang Hsiang Construction abandoned the general business space sales thinking. With an international foresight, it aims at the flourishing development of startup industries. With decades of experiences in community building and planning, it will turn the “Innovative New Heavens – Dreamer” in Tucheng into a startup development base. Tucheng not only has convenient traffic network, but also contains industries such as manufacturing, electronics, high-tech industries, etc. If it can introduce the creativity and vitality of startup businesses, it will certainly ignite a new wave of industrial transformation. Address: No. 281, Section 2, Zhonghua Road, Tucheng District, New Taipei City, Tel:(02) 8262-6887.