• 2018.03.29
  • The first in Taiwan! A construction company creates a startup incubator to attract hundreds of startup teams to compete


In Taiwan, government agencies and major colleges have been setting up innovation centers, but there are often rules for a six-year or one-year residency, and the scale of the venue is also limited. From the perspective of the creators of real estate properties, Huang Hsiang Construction has invested in supporting the new wave. With its expertise in community building and spatial planning, it creates an incubator base for startup companies by a Taiwan private sector in Tucheng District, New Taipei City - "Innovative New Heavens - Dreamer." It entrusted the Chinese Management Association to host the "Smart Maker Project", with the "smart innovation application" as the theme, recruiting startup teams to apply for the competition. In combination with the resources of the industry and government, it provides free space, funds, and education counseling, and support the winning teams to move in to the “Innovative New Heavens - Dreamer”, so as to connect the resources and momentum of the local industrial clusters.

The "Smart Maker Project" has selected 27 finalists recently. The startup expertise of these teams lies in the five areas of smart Internet of Things and AR/VR, smart restaurants, smart sports, smart health and care, and smart services. Huang Hsiang provided NT$100,000 of innovation and startup funds for each team, encouraging them to continue to participate in the final review briefing and present the operational plans and services if they move in to the “Smart City - Dreamer” to compete for the final 15 teams of “dreamers”.

A construction company creates a startup incubator to attract hundreds of startup teams to compete€

Tucheng develops the startup circle and creates a global innovation center

In order to make the city a hot spot for global innovation centers, many countries are actively attracting startup companies. For example, Shenzhen, China, has transformed from the past cottage manufacturing base to a startup circle that attracts entrepreneurs. The local property management industry designs the office building in the prime location, copying the space design of Google headquarters, to make them new international innovation centers, thereby renteing to makers, service organizations, and venture capital companies. With the strength of local manufacturing supply chain, it forms a strong and powerful startup ecosystem.

Tucheng has a well-connected transportation network, with major industrial zones and science and technology parks stationed therein in the fields of manufacturing, textile, electronics and internet. Like the startup companies in Tel Aviv, Israel, most of them are hiding in industrial zones with complete industrial chains. Tucheng also has an excellent environment with ample upstream and downstream supply chains, which helps startups to turn creative ideas into products. Whether they are looking for technologies or manufacturers, they can easily get support in Tucheng!

A construction company creates a startup incubator to attract hundreds of startup teams to compete€

Leading the domestic industry, Huang Hsiang creates a dream incubator for startups

Wen-yong Lin, sales manager of Huang Hsiang Construction, said that the "Dreamer" winners of the "Smart Maker Project" will become the first immigrant elite in the community after moving into the "Innovative New Heavens - Dreamer" in the future. And "Innovative New Heavens - Dreamer" will also attract new startups to join in, gathering research and working together to develop an entrepreneurial ecosystem that integrates industry, business opportunities, and venture capital.

He further pointed out that in the current era of internet and information streaming, Huang Hsiang will continue to plan for construction projects with diversification, multi-functions and international integration in addition to the social ethics and mission of maintaining the safety of consumers' lives and property. He also hoped that the "Innovative New Heavens - Dreamer" will become an incubator for everyone's entrepreneurial dreams in the future.

Yu-shan Chang, the secretary general of Chinese Management Association, which Huang Hsiang commissioned to run the "Smart Maker Project" stressed that Huang Hsiang, the response the culture of startup companies, innovation and entrepreneurial trends, organized "Smart Maker Project" to create an environment and build a platform to let capable people create value, form a new ecosystem. Huang Hsiang goes beyond the past product-led thinking and produces a software direction of creating value, vitality and efficiency for the industry, leading the domestic property development industry and opening up a new vision for property development.

Judging from the status of the enrollment, preliminary review and final review of the “Smart Maker Project”, the startup teams would not give up participation in any briefing session and actively participated in interaction with entrepreneurs and venture capital companies who were invited to share their entrepreneurial experience, it appears that the “Smart Maker Project” is not just a competition, but also a cooperation opportunity. In the future, many companies in the “Innovative New Heavens - Dreamer” will continue to expand and spark more vigorous innovations.

A construction company creates a startup incubator to attract hundreds of startup teams to compete

[Innovative New Heavens - Dreamer] Smart Maker Project is looking for dreamers!

Smart Maker Project:Organizer: Huang Hsiang Construction Co., Ltd., Chinese Management Association
Contact person: Ms. Lee Innovative New Heavens Reception Hall: Next to No. 281, Section 2, Zhonghua Road, Tucheng District, New Taipei City, Tel:(02)02-8262-688702-8262-6887