• 2017.11.21
  • Huang Hsiang launches

Reported by Moneyweekly reporter│2017/11/21 上午 10:48:55 


(Reported by Moneyweekly reporter Qiong-zhen Yan)
Huang Hsiang Construction blends its experience in office building and new trends to create a community suitable for startup companies in Tucheng District, New Taipei City - "Innovative New Heavens - Dreamer". It is expected that the units will be on sale in June 2018, but Huang Hsiang is holding "Dream Lecture" in the reception center to attract the attention of house buyers who have startup dreams. It also launches the “Smart Maker Project” to encourage entrepreneurship.

      Located in Tucheng District of New Taipei City, Huang Hsiang “Innovative New Heavens - Dreamer” has a base area of ​​4,300 pings. It is expected to build four 32-storey buildings, which will become the super high landmark of Tucheng District.

      Wen-yong Line, the business manager of Huang Hsiang Construction, pointed out that there will be 613 units in the “Innovative New Heavens - Dreamer”. Among them, there are 478 offices and 121 households, and the rest are storefronts and offices. The offices to be sold in June next year are planned to be 30-48 pings. As for the residential building, it will be "first built and then sold". The total sales amount of the whole construction project will be NT$15 billion.

      Wen-yong Lin said that the number of offices is higher because the base is a commercial land. In addition, Tucheng Industrial Zone is nearby, and there are many business owners and some young people having startup dreams. Therefore, for Huang Hsiang, it was also a new planning initiative, and it decided to create this project like some communities of foreign venture bases, hoping it will become the new Silicon Valley in Tucheng.

      Huang Hsiang chose Tucheng as the first startup base community becuase Tucheng offers a very convenient traffic network and has industries such as manufacturing, textile, electronics, internet and other traditional manufacturing and high-tech businesses. The upstream and downstream resources of the entire venture are abundant. The city's cityscape and living functions are also evolving. For startup entrepreneurs, this is the best city to implement their dreams.

      Huang Hsiang Construction has set a precedent for the industry and proposed the “Smart Maker Project” to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship. With the theme of smart and innovative services, it recruits startup teams for smart stores, smart restaurants, and smart finance to participate, and provide excellent entrepreneurial funds for the winning teams. In the end, a selection of up to 15 startup teams will be selected, and a three-year free rental business space will be available.

      New Land Developers Group, which is responsible for agency sales, said that the construction projects of Huang Hsiang Construction has always been in line with the latest trends, from the top ten luxury houses in Asia to the first public housing project in Taiwan. In recent years, with the global popularity of the startup movement, the domestic startup trend has also come to the peak. In order to better understand the needs of the startup companies' work and living spaces, and to assist them to realize their dreams, Huang Hsiang Construction has abandoned the form of the traditional open house and instead chose the more in-depth startup lectures to provide customers who are in need with professional sharings.

      On November 18th, a dream fulfillment lecture is held at the reception hall in Tucheng, in addition to the playing of the documentary "For more sun II" in the first half, Professor Rong-he Cheng, the soul of the NTU Solar Energy Vehicle Project, and his student Tzi-ting Hsu will also participate in the discussion. In the second half, two heavyweight instructors for startups are invited to share their entrepreneurial experience. One is Tian-zong Cheng, who was the former vice president of Foxconn, joined the startup circle after retiring, and dubbed as the "godfather of startups" by startup companies in Taiwan and China. The other one is Zhan-rong Kuo, co-founder of the overseas business leader iiiNNO. They will bring international new trends to the participants who are starting a business or looking to start a business, and teaching the methods of opening up overseas channels.